Saturday, October 20, 2012

 Once Upon A Spooky Night

            One dark, chilly, Halloween night, Lucy and her friend Rosa were trick-or-treating.  Their bags were almost full of delicious, sweet candy, but they decided to go to one more house.  They walked past the big, abandoned old house, and Rosa stopped. 
“I dare you to go into the haunted mansion!”
“Oh, uh- Lucy stammered.  She didn’t want it to show, but that old house spooked her. 
“Fine, but just for a peek,” she finally agreed, “and you have to come, too.”  They walked up the narrow, rocky path and in the creaky front door–which slammed shut with a loud clang!  Lucy jumped.
“Just the wind, I’m sure,” Rosa said, and tried to open the door.  It was locked, tight. 
“Well, uh, in that case, let’s just keep going.”  Rosa started for the stairs, and Lucy, rather reluctantly, followed. 
            At that moment, they heard a high-pitched shriek, and a cackle of laughter.  They rushed to the door at the end of the hall to listen.  Lucy peered under the metal door- and wished she hadn’t.  Three old women with grayish hair and a bluish-green tinge to their wrinkled skin were dancing around a pitch-black cauldron of simmering, purple glop.  A tiny drop of the disgusting potion fell onto a tiny black spider scuttling hurriedly across the floor.  The spider started vibrating violently, and growing until it was the size of a sofa.  Lucy jerked her head up.
            “Run!”  The huge spider burst through the door, and Rosa didn’t need to be told twice.  Lucy was pretty sure the spider wasn’t poisonous (it was just a regular old black one), but if those pincers got a hold on her, she knew she’d be doomed. 
            “Look out!” Rosa shrieked.  Lucy looked ahead—and screamed.  About five feet in front of her, there was a gaping hole in the floor.  Lucy tried to stop, but when you’re being chased by a six foot spider, that’s pretty much impossible. 
            “AHHHH!” Lucy screamed, closing her eyes. 
            Suddenly, something jerked her up.  Lucy opened her eyes.  She stopped screaming.  Rosa gasped.  Lucy was floating in mid-air!  The spider snapped at her, but something gently lifted Lucy up through a large jagged hole in the ceiling and set her back on her feet.  The spider set its eight beady black eyes back on Rosa, but she, too, was lifted up through the hole. 
            Lucy looked around for their savior—and her eyes fell on an ornate mirror, covered in dust, in a corner of the room.  Lucy walked over, carefully picking it up.  The face she saw in it was not hers, but it was as white as a ghost, and scaly.  She held it closer.  The creature’s eyes glowed red.
            “You are mine,” it hissed, and Lucy stiffened.  Her mind went blank.  Her only thought was to serve her master, to do his bidding…
            “Lucy!” Rosa shouted.  Lucy froze.  She dropped the mirror, and it shattered.  Her thoughts rushed back.  She was holding a dagger at Rosa’s throat, and her knuckles were chalk white.  Both girls felt shaky.
            “W-what?”  Rosa asked.
“That mirror—the monster—let’s get out of here,” Lucy whispered, and they hurried out.
The next room seemed normal enough, but when Lucy and Rosa collapsed onto a musty couch, the cushions fell off, revealing a rusty coffin.  They didn’t stick around.  A deep voice moaned, “Ooow,” and a cloud-like, headless ghost charged at them!  They ran as fast as they could and rounded a corner at top speed. 
Lucy looked down the hall—and gasped.  The door at the end of the hall led to her own living room!  She ran forward.  “Hey, that’s my house,” Rosa yelled, and Lucy almost stopped.  But the warm, friendly glow of the familiar place was too inviting.  She and Rosa stepped into the room—and plunged into darkness.  “AHHHHH—“ 
“HELP!”  Lucy yelled, sitting bolt upright in bed.  Her mom ran in.  “Honey, you okay?”  Lucy looked around and rubbed her eyes.  Her brother was snoring on the bottom of their bunk bed, and she was wearing her fleecy nightgown.  “It’s Halloween, Lucy.  Come on, I’m sure it was just a bad dream.”
Lucy unfolded her clenched hands.  She was holding a dusty mirror fragment.  “I’m not quite so sure.”
The End

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  1. I love it but don't leave me dangling here! When is the next installment of this serial story??? Marilynn Seits