Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Last Tale to Tell: Chapter 6: The Plan

When Calicotail wakes up, she is lying on the shore surrounded by strange animals. When she looks closer, she sees that almost all of them are older versions of animals from her history book, including Striper, Emeraldtrunk, and Fiercepaw there must be at least 10. She nearly faints again, but a middle-age beluga shakes her shoulder. “We need to talk about our plan. I was never much of a warrior myself, but old Stripe here knows a few tricks.” Calicotail makes an attempt to sit up, but a peacock with bluish brown feathers stops her. “We need someone pretty small to go out and bring back information about when they’re going to attack. Then the same one needs to inform the villagers, and then earlier on the same day as the bad guys, we attack them.” Striper stands and says “The first part sounds okay, Gemfeather, but I think…” he whispers his plan to everyone, who nod. Calicotail feels strange. They are treating just like a member of their clan! “And,” Striper finishes, “the one to do the sneaking should be Calicotail!”

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  1. Is Calicotail's history book available on amazon? That would be some book to read!