Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Last Tale to Tell: Chapter 8: The Battle

2 days later, Calicotail stands in the center of the town, waiting. She sincerely hopes that this plan works, because if it doesn’t her life could be in danger. Finally, the moment she had dreaded all morning came. As the village clocks struck eleven, a horde of the evil creatures stormed out into the village. They looked at her, and laughed. “Is this the best they can do?!” one yelled. Calicotail was terrified and offended, but she saw the glint of a deep, hazel eye in the brush, and knew she didn’t need to be afraid. The jaguar who had spoken pounced…and a large, orange and white blur streaked overhead and landed on top of him. The jaguar took one look at the thing on top of him-and screeched. His comrades too seemed to recognize this tiger, and when Calicotail gave the whistle for the others to join them, the fight was in the bag. Calicotail found that all the practice fights Striper had done with her really paid off. She dodged 12 punches, launched 4 surprise attacks, and leaped on top of 15 unfortunate animals until the whole lot of them went racing back to their boat, never to return.

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