Friday, April 27, 2012

Revolutionary Rats: Boston Squeak Party

One evening, Papa overheard a conversation on his supper-finding rounds. There were 3 boats at the dock, and Papa saw that they were the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver. One of the men said something-and a huge group of about 100 Mohawk Indians burst out of nowhere and swarmed onto the ships. On looking closer, Papa saw that they were really white Americans, and they were dumping boxes of tea into the river! Guessing their motive, Papa rushed home and brought Mama carrying the twins and Rebecca and Eleanor to the scene. The Gnawingtons, too, swarmed the ships, Papa and Mama entrusting Robbie and Susie to the girls and rushing to help unload the Dartmouth, and Eleanor rushing the children to start on the Eleanor. The boxes were very heavy and it took all of them to do it, but when they passed the boxes up the side of the ship, the children unloaded about 15 boxes in half an hour. Finally Eleanor was almost crushed by a falling tea box, and Rebecca’s tail was squashed trying to save Susie from a human foot, so they decided to head back to their cellar and not take any more chances. All the children felt very proud of themselves and their parents smiled at the determination of their little revolutionary rats.

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  1. Revolutionary rats! I love it! Have you read Island of the Skog?