Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Behind the fridge door: Chapter 6

Today I got some tape from a roll sitting on the humans’ kitchen counter on my way to school, and showed it to Laura.  She agreed to come over tomorrow (Saturday) and help open the fridge.  Today our spelling words were: special, amused, kindness, boring, and lovely.  I can spell them all correctly, but Ms. Goldstein still insists I’m pronouncing the i-n-g in boring wrong.  She says it’s not in-guh, it’s like the sound the telephone makes, which proves my theory that being older doesn’t mean you’re smarter.  When I told Laura my theory, she smiled and shook her head, like she knew something I didn’t.  I can’t wait to see the look on Sammy’s face when Laura and I bring home some of the delicacies from the fridge. 


  1. Wow! What are you most excited to take out of the fridge?

  2. I'm not sure whether I'm more excited about something Linda calls ice-cream, or broccoli. I love broccoli. ;-)