Thursday, June 7, 2012

Behind the fridge door: Chapter 7

This morning, Laura came over, and we tried to get the lever out of my hole without being noticed.  The only thing that hadn’t been thought over carefully (I really should have anticipated this) was that I hadn’t realized a human might spot 2 mice carrying a ruler/pencil lever across the floor.  A girl saw us and stopped dead in her tracks, but instead of screaming “MICE!” like humans usually do, she picked us up, ruler/pencil lever and all, and placed us gently on the counter.  Laura squeaked in terror and made a dash for the edge, dragging me along  with her.  We toppled over the edge, and I was wondering why in the world I had gone on this crazy venture in the first place, when the girl’s hand caught us and saved us from spraining our paws.  This time we were placed into a cardboard box with our lever and the box was transported to a table next to the fridge.  The girl said “I’ve always wanted pet mice,” and talked for a bit.  I don’t care about the fridge anymore.  I want to get out!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! Who is this girl? Is her name Julia?