Monday, June 11, 2012

Behind the fridge door: Chapter 9

This morning, the help we’ve been waiting for came.  Around 9:00, a tail poked over the edge of the box, followed by a string of extremely anxious mice.  “Grab on,” said a rather squashed-looking Sammy, and Laura and I gladly joined the chain and were dragged up.  We were nearly over the edge, when the girl came into the kitchen.  “Hey!” she yelled, and we all leaped to the floor.  “Come on!” Linda yelled.  “There’ll be no saving us if we all get caught!”  I was almost into our hole-indeed 3 of my paws were already inside-when I suddenly realized something and spun around.  “My lever!”   “We have no time, Cameron!” Laura yelled from the hole, but I was already halfway up the table leg.  One end of my precious lever was dangling out of the box, just out of reach.  The girl came closer, and I jumped.  I caught the ruler, and made a dash for the hole, the girl’s hand just missing me as I lugged my prize into the hole.  So, maybe I never opened the fridge.  But I may have better luck with the cabinet…

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  1. WHEW! That was a close one! Glad you're all safe.