Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Revolutionary Rats: Freddie's Midnight Scamper

However, soon events began to change. The British were becoming more and more unfair, and one night it all changed. The Gnawingtons were on vacation in Lexington when, at midnight, the sound of hooves galloping fast were heard. “The British are coming! The British are coming!” Freddie heard a man cry, and, without thinking, he chased after the man's horse. He wanted to be the rat to inform all the infestation in Lexington of the British assault. In truth, he rather wanted to see the British come, there’d probably be lots of shooting, but he thought better of it and kept scampering. He dodged into home after home to warn each family’s rats, and despite himself was having a good time. He was never first to do anything, being the third child, and here he was awake longer than Rebecca! He kept going for hours, but, as the clock struck 5 a.m., he fell fast asleep on the road. He woke in a barn on a haystack, and when he opened his eyes a kindly looking old rat was bending over him. He scrambled up, heard the clock bong 9, and yelled “I’ve gotta get home!” He hurriedly scurried through the crowd until he reached his own cellar and his mother’s piercing glare.

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  1. He's a third child! I knew I liked him!!! But maybe he WILL be the first to do something!