Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa's Overalls

I'm Mrs. Claus. Yesterday was the day after Christmas and we had the usual long list of things to do. When I got back to the kitchen, Jingles had eaten all the leftover cookies. This morning I made peppermint pancakes for breakfast, and we all drank freshly-squeezed gumdrop juice. I sent Stockings out to give the reindeer their candied carrots. He should be back by now. I need to start ironing Santa's overalls, since he'll be needing them this afternoon. Actually, I should probably start the day with some fresh air, and go tend the peppermint sprigs growing in the garden. Oh, look! They're already turning red and white. They grow so fast. Okay, now I can start those overalls. No wait! Bell says she can't undo the locks on the reindeer's pens to take them out for their walks.. I'd better go help. There you go, Bell. Ah, now I can start on those--------wait, what's that my watch says? It's lunchtime already, and I still haven't ironed my husband's overalls. Sigh.

1 comment:

  1. How do you keep the reindeer in pens if they can fly? Oh, wait. Maybe they can only fly on Christmas eve? And peppermint pancakes...hmm. Maybe you should add some mini chocolate chips to those. Do the reindeer get to eat the pancakes too? It sounds like a busy time. I wouldn't worry about the ironing. Your husband's overalls probably get pretty wrinkled and sooty from his trip.