Friday, December 23, 2011

The Tiger's Tale: Chapter 2: The Lesson

Striper’s parents are getting anxious, so they call a 8 year old tiger to teach him to be bold. The tiger’s name is Ms. Topaz and she is very strict, so Striper is reprimanded a lot of the time. The 1st lesson is reading of bravery, which he passes with flying colors, due to his love of learning. The 2nd Lesson is not so easy, however. He is to learn not to be caught off his guard, and no matter what Ms. Topaz tries, he always is alarmed at the slightest sound. On the 3rd night of Striper’s training, Ms. Topaz speaks to his parents. “I cannot see why he has such trouble in my classes.” she says. “He is afraid of everything! “He will have to work on many things.” Striper’s parents are still anxious. They can only hope for the best.

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  1. Ah, aren't we all like Striper's parents. Where is Ms. Topaz when I need her? ;)