Thursday, December 8, 2011


Once in Ratopolis, 2 rats named Victor Swissenstein and Henry Gouda finished at Muenster College. At that time, the city was going through the Great Cheesepression (they could not find enough cheese) and Victor decided to help by creating a snake that could reach places rats couldn't. When he was almost finished, he decided that to help it see better he would install a light on the top of its head. He found one and managed to get it on. For one moment, he thought it had worked- but then a spark of electricity flew down from the bulb and sizzled on the snake's head. The snake swelled and hissed a great hiss, and though Victor tried to stop it it slithered out the door of the lab and into the streets of Ratopolis. A giant form of one of ratkind's greatest enemies was loose in the city.

During the weeks that followed, there were many close calls and much damage was done to the city of Ratopolis. No one could think of a way to stop the giant terror and Victor still confided in no one that he had been the monster's creator. Almost a month passed before finally Victor realized he would have to tell someone, and so late one night he and Henry Gouda sat together as he told him the whole story. Henry sat for a long time until he finally told Victor "We need to get rid of the light bulb."

The next morning the plan was ready to be carried out. Victor lured the snake to his lab with an egg, and when they got there Henry was ready with a large jar. Victor tossed in the egg and the snake stuck its head in to grab it but got stuck. It thrashed wildly until finally the light popped off and it became motionless . The light landed in a test tube and inspired the invention of what we call the "flashlight." That was the end of the Great Cheesepression since the cheese miners could then see what they were doing.

The End


  1. Whew! That is a terrific story, Julia! You had me on the edge of my seat. Why have I never heard of the Great Cheesepression? I love the rats' names.