Monday, December 12, 2011

One Christmas Eve

I'm Comet, Santa's reindeer. Santa just saddled me to the sleigh and I'm next to Cupid, as usual. Jingle, an elf, is waving the take-off flag. We push off the icy ground and the sleigh soars high up in the air. I wish Cupid would lose that flea. The first stop is a little house in Finland. Rudolph (you know, that super-shy reindeer at the head of the sleigh) touches down on the roof and Santa slips down the chimney. I hear the tree rustle as he stuffs the stockings with goodies. He did the same in Brazil, Africa, China, and Australia, and many other places as well. At our last stop, where we are bringing a pillow pet, fire truck and squinkie carriage, I smell carrots. When we get back to the workshop at 3:00 a.m., I hungrily devour my share of the scrumptious vegetables. Joy to my stomach, I think as I drift into a deep Christmas sleep.


  1. Comet, this is my favorite of Julia's blogs EVER! Can we hear a blog from the perspective of each of Santa's reindeer? Or are the most articulate of the bunch?

  2. You know, I'll consider doing that. The one from Comet's perspective was very fun to write.

  3. Brilliant! I especially love the last sentence. I don't know why... but it's just great. I think I'll be saying "Joy to my stomach" quite a bit this Christmas. :)