Friday, December 23, 2011

The Tiger's Tale: Chapter 3: Attack!

On another island, on the other side of the Caribbean Sea, there is another island. It is usually avoided since where the inhabitants of Striper’s island all live in harmony and peace, the animals on this island are terrible and cruel, and no one had ever survived an attack from them. Unfortunately, there is much on Striper’s island that their new chief wants. The animals on the island are getting ready for an attack. Several days later, their ship is spotted on the horizon of Striper’s island. A horn is sounded to warn the animals to stay in their homes. But Striper is frightened by the sound and jumps into a nearby bush. He is overlooked by the anxious eyes of his parents. Luckily though, the eyes of the creatures of the other island though much more ferocious, have no better eyes than those of Striper’s island so he is also overlooked by the evil eye of a jackal passing by at that moment. Oh, what is he to do?

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