Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Charles Barber's "Suspense"

In my bed, our dog Phillip and kitten Toffee sit on my covers as I say grace. Phillip drools on my egg. Toffee looks longingly at the milk in my cereal bowl. I intend to give them each a bit, but I will have to cut the pieces off with my fork, because I have the flu and do not wish them to catch it. I finish grace and cut off a small piece of toast for Phillip and a small spoonful of milk for Toffee. When he finishes, Phillip trots over to the other end of the bed, and brings back a bunch of red flowers from on top of my get-well cards, and Toffee brings the card that came with them. I give them each a pat on the head and with a soft ''Mrow'' a ''Ruff, ruff,'' (and the sneaking of 1 last piece of toast) they left the room. I love my pets.


  1. Oh, Julia! I love this painting! I used to have a framed version of this in the room that is now Michael's room, but we gave it away. Isn't it sweet?