Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 2

Payni 16
Dear Diary,
Today Emuishere's best friend Esho came over. I sensed trouble the second they burst into my bedroom on the roof. Emuishere told me I had to go help them set up her wood toy farm, that Ab had made for her. I did, not realizing how chaotic this game would become. Not only did they lose the horse under the table and insist I get it for them , but they made the hen lose her chicks and scattered them across the room! When Mut asked them please to pick up the mess they'd made , Esho whined that I had made them do it! I quickly retreated to my room and resolved always to close my door when Esho comes over.



Esho: Pig


  1. Ha! I love Esho's name. How classy. Harere, what is it like to sleep on the roof? Does it ever rain? Is it cold?

  2. Yeah. Mary chose the name. And actually , most Egyptians sleep on the roof , especially in hot weather. I can feel the breeze blowing as I sleep.

  3. Really? That's so interesting that most Egyptians sleep on the roof. Do you have flyswatters there?