Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Harere's Diary: Part 3

Payni 17
Dear Diary,
Today we visited the sphinx! It was a great experience. The sphinx was humongous! When we were packing this morning, Emuishere wanted to bring her doll, Ebe, with her, but Mut said she might lose her. We're spending the night at cousin Hebony's, so Ab is going to pick up our things on the way. But back to the sphinx. Buikhu was the first to spot it . When he pointed it out, Awi screamed, "Ooo , a pinks!" Mut had to cover his mouth as he protested, "But Muh, a pinx!" Buikhu and I cracked up. I think he was trying to say "A sphinx!" I'm looking forward to spending the night at Hebony's. I'll tell about it tomorrow.


  1. Dear Harere,
    Wow! Did you take pictures? I guess you don't have a camera. Can you draw one for us? Did you climb inside the sphinx? Could you? How cool!

  2. I did draw a picture! Up at the top of the page!


  3. Oh, my. How clueless can I be? Thank you for posting the picture.