Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 9

Payni 23
Dear Diary,
Buikhu's party was great! He was so excited when he saw the falcon, he was jumping all around the house with it on his arm. He loved all his other gifts too. He was admiring his new ball from Uncle Akhom, when Mut brought in................................the cake! The table was laid with dates dipped in honey and pomegranates and strewn with lotuses. On top of the cake, written in honey, were the words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUIKHU! He was lost for words! It was time for my line. I yelled ''Happy Birthday, Buikhu!'' Then the feast began! I was so stuffed by the time the party was over, that I went straight to sleep. I hope we have as good a day tomorrow!



Akhom: Eagle


  1. Yum! Cake with honey on top! That's what I want for my birthday now too. Has he named the falcon?