Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harere's Diary: Part 6

Payni 20
Dear Diary,
Today I talked to my best friend, Banafrit, and she says she'll bring some fresh pomegranates from her Ab's orchard to Buikhu's suprise party. Some of my other friends have agreed to help,to. Merit is going to ask her Mut to come in and play some music, Salidji will pick some chrysanthemums from her garden, and Nebibit is going to make some lotus chains to hang from the ceiling. We're inviting almost everyone we know! The party is going to be a huge success!

Banafrit: Beautiful Soul
Merit: Beloved
Salidji: Fruit Tree
Nebibit: Leopard


  1. What sort of instrument does Merit's Mut play? In the picture it looks like a harp, but I'm thinking it is probably called something else. I wish I could come to the party - it sounds like great fun!

  2. Um, wait...did Treasa get an invitation and I didn't? Sigh. I hope you have a wonderful time. :)

  3. No, I didn't get invited. But I would have invited myself if I didn't have to work... and could get myself to Ancient Egypt somehow. Ahem. :)