Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 4

Payni 18
Dear Diary,
When we got to Hebony's last night, we were all exhausted. Awi was screaming "Don't wanna go a zweep!", Emuishere was yawning, Buikhu was looking like a sleepwalker, and me? I was trying as hard as I could not to collapse on the floor. (And that was pretty tough, too.) This morning when I woke up, though, I felt good and well rested. After a good breakfast of figs and nuts, Hebony and I went to her room, and she tried to help me think up a good name for my cat. We finally found the perfect name.................... Femi ! I think Femi likes it too. Then we played a game of senet, and it was time to leave. I really hope we see her again soon!



Femi: Love
Senet: An Egyptian game, a little like chess


  1. There once was a cat, name of Femi,
    Who hungered for rats just like Remy.
    She grew large and svelte
    But her owner still felt
    That Femi had caused a dilemmy.

    (I just wanted to ask you how to pronounce Femi, but it turned into a limerick.)

  2. I feel that Rita's limerick, while brilliant, is perhaps not in the best of tastes. Writing about cats hungering for rats - indeed! ;)

    I love Femi's name - it's just right!

  3. There once was a sister named Treasa
    Who never wrote comments much less-a
    Than the harshest critique
    Of a poem unique
    Leaving others to sort out the mess-a.


  4. What's going on with the limericks? You pronounce Femi Fem-e

  5. So did I guess right with my limerick?