Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom

Titles: Eight Cousins-Rose in Bloom

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Main Characters: Eight cousins-Rose, Uncle Alec, Phebe, Rose's cousins. Rose in Bloom-Rose, Uncle Alec, Charlie, Mac, Phebe.

Summaries: Eight Cousins is about a girl named Rose who has been adopted by her Uncle Alec. He begins to use a cure for her miserableness and by the end she is fine again. Rose is scared of her cousins at first, but she soon gets to know them well. She makes friends with the cook's helper, Phebe. In Rose in Bloom, the sequel, Rose comes back from a 2 year journey with Phebe, and suddenly any number of young men are in love with her, including her cousin Charlie. Towards the end of the book, Charlie dies and Rose and her cousin Mac fall in love with eachother. My favorite part is when Mac writes Rose a book of poems.

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  1. Charlie dies? Oh, no! We will have to write a book called Ten Cousins.