Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tiger's Tale: Chapter 4: Strategy

The next morning, Striper awakes to a dark, gloomy day. He remembers hearing the horn and jumping into the bush. He then remembers that glimpse of that evil-looking jackal and realizes what must have happened. The very thought of it made him shiver and shake. He knew he would have to do something about it, but what could he do? Maybe if he were someone else he could do it, but there was nothing he could think of that he could do well that could help at all. He was a fine studier, but what use was that? He could listen for hours to an interesting conversation through a keyhole. Aha, he thinks, I could listen to one of their conversations and try to find a loophole through which I could make some sort of real plan. Well, it was a start. The only challenge is not to get caught. And that, seeing what a scaredy-tiger he is, could be a very serious problem.

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