Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Beluga's Song: Chapter 1: Glowhump

Glowhump is a beluga. She and her parents are part of a pod that believes in a good education for young belugas, and so she goes to a very good school. You would think she was a very normal young beluga…until you heard her sing. She has the most beautiful voice of any of the calves, and she is often complimented on her talent. She has one problem. She does not know what to do with her talent. She has considered calls from curious beachway (broadway) directors and seater (theater) groups asking if she would like to train with them, but the job never sounds quite right. “I want to put my talent to real use,” she always says, and she is right to think so. Her best friends, twins named Shimmerfin and Sparklefin, take singing lessons from her. They also chat about what they would do if they could sing as well as she. Glowhump’s younger sister, Glimmernose, is a bit jealous but helps out whenever Glowhump and her friends plan a production. Glowhump is a very happy beluga.

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