Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Rat's Nose: Chapter 4: Stolen!

The next morning, Cheddarnose’s mother scampers into the living chamber. “My beautiful topaz-it’s been stolen!” They turn the burrow over looking for it, and Cheddarnose’s father inquires everywhere to see if anyone saw the thief. It was to no avail however, until Cheddarnose sniffs the air with his ultra powerful nose. “Stop!’ he shouts. “The thief spilled some fur oil on the floor! I can track it!” Everyone is quiet as Cheddarnose sniffs along the dirt floor, and everyone follows him as he follows the scent straight out the door. He stops at the lake’s edge. He stops, and thinks. He hates water, but it is the only way to get his mother’s topaz back. Everyone watches expectantly. Cheddarnose sighs, takes a deep breath, and dives headfirst into the freezing cold water of the lake. He instantly wishes he hadn’t. On the bottom of the lake, however, glints his mother’s topaz. There is no sign of the thief. With great relief, he grabs the topaz, and tries to swim back to the surface…but it is too heavy. He cannot go anywhere.

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