Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Rat's Nose: Chapter 3: Happy Birthday!

Cheddarnose’s mother’s birthday is approaching, and one day in class he is in tunneling class when he sees a glint of orange in his tunnels left side. Looking closer, he sees that it is a topaz, his mother’s favorite gemstone. At the end of class, he brings it home, thinking to give it to his mother for her birthday present. He polishes and polishes it, until it shines brighter than the sun. On her special day, he gives it to his mother, who gasps, hugs him, and rushes to her room to find a safe place to keep it. At dinnertime, he brings out a large cheesecake he has made for her, and they have plenty leftover when they were full. They receive a letter from Cheddarnose’s father saying that he was sorry he’d missed the party but that he would be home tomorrow. Everyone is happy when they go to bed tonight, and Cheddarnose whispers “Happy Birthday, Mom!”


  1. Awwww... so sweet. Do rats always have cheesecake for their birthdays?

  2. Maybe Cheezit cake sometimes. Or Pirate Booty cake.