Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Last Tale to Tell: Chapter 2: Back Again

All may seem peaceful, but trouble, it seems, will never run out. You were warned at the beginning of this book of the dangers to come, and the ship carrying the evil animals has set sail, this time holding ten times more than before. It has been spotted on the horizon, and all were hurried into hiding. Calicotail is worried, for it is certain that they will need more than one to save them this time. She remembers the stories she’s heard about Striper, Emeraldtrunk, Shimmerscale, and all the others, and she wishes they were here now to help them out of this mess. Then, a wild idea comes to her. They could choose a villager to go out and try to find Striper and Emeraldtrunk and the others, and bring them back to help! Yes, that would be a splendid idea! She tells her mother, who informs the chief. He sends out messages, saying that he will draw a name out of a barrel and that that person had better be good at locating people. Calicotail waits, feeling proud of herself, for the name to be drawn.

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  1. More trouble? More trouble? Aaarggh! What will happen next, o authoress?