Friday, March 16, 2012

A Beluga's Song: Chapter 2: A School Musical

One day in school, Miss Graceswim announces “We will have a musical this month. It will be The Little Mermaid, and we will receive parts now.” Everyone waits. They are sure they know who will play the lead. “The part of the Little Mermaid will be played by…Glimmernose!” What? Glowhump applauds loudly, and Glimmernose looks as shocked as everyone else. Miss Graceswim goes on to announce the rest of the parts, and hand out lines. When they get home, Glowhump congratulates Glimmernose and tries to help her with her lines. It is clear that she is glad to be out of the spotlight for once. It is her great pleasure to help Glimmernose with all the hard notes until bedtime, and help her feel more confident. For the next few days, Glimmernose and Glowhump attend rehearsals, learn songs, and generally do all the things that are done when you are preparing for a big performance. Glowhump herself is a sister of the Little Mermaid's, fittingly, since she really is.

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