Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Beluga's Song: Chapter 5: Thinking

The next morning, Glowhump stays in her room, thinking and thinking. If she couldn’t figure out a scientific cure for the sick belugas, at least she could make it easier for them until the doctors finally picked up their pace. They had informed all the families that the reason for the delay was that the patients had nothing to do and required constant attention. The next day she brought packs of ice and a bit of mild seaweed salad to the hospital. There weren’t quite enough, but the doctors thanked her for her efforts. Returning, however, she finds that her parents do not appreciate this little effort as much as the doctors do. “For all we know, you might have caught it!” they tell her, and she is obliged to go back to her room. From her bedroom, Glowhump sighs. How can she find a cure for this sickness if she cannot leave her bedroom? She thinks of the musical, to happen in two days (they will have to find another Little Mermaid, of course,)… but then she gets an idea that could buy the doctors some time.

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