Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Beluga's Song: Chapter 6: Cured!

Slipping past her protesting parents, Glowhump swims as fast as she can to the school. She speeds in. “I need to see Miss Graceswim! It’s about the musical!” she calls out. Miss Graceswim swims out of her office. “Where have you and Glimmernose been?” she asks. “Glimmernose is sick, Miss Graceswim, but that’s not what I came about. The doctors told me that they’re on the brink of finding a cure, but the patients are so demanding. I think I’ve found a way to buy them some time.” The next morning, in the hospital, Glimmernose lies, very bored, in a bed. She has a blazing fever, and there’s nothing to do. Suddenly the doors burst open and belugas begin running in, preparing something that looks like a stage at the far end. The doctors seem as surprise as the patients, but run back to their labs. A show begins…and Glimmernose realizes what is going on. The school has brought The Little Mermaid to the hospital! When the show is over, a doctor suddenly shouts “I’ve found it!” and races in with a bottle. He gives a little to each patient, and within weeks, Glimmernose is back home.

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