Friday, March 9, 2012

A Rat's Nose: Chapter 6: Lost!

The next day, Cheddarnose awakes to the bright sun shining on the shore. It takes him a few moments to register where he is, and why he is there. He then proceeds to zing up a tree to look out over the island and getting a better view. He remembers school, the feel of his old leaf backpack…then suddenly, inspiration strikes! He will build a pack out of leaves and place the topaz in it. He will also fill the pack with foam that will keep the pack and himself to the surface of the water until he can get home. He zings back down the tree and runs to the topaz…but where is the topaz? It seems to have disappeared! Cheddarnose scampers about, in a panic. After coming all this way to save his mother’s birthday present, it seems unfair that it should simply disappear into thin air! Cheddarnose searches, and searches, and searches, but finds nothing. He is very upset. Where could his mother’s topaz be?

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