Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Swan's Grace: Chapter 7: Reunited

It is nearly sunset at the squirrel’s house, and Lilacfeather can still see no sign of the squirrel, or her younger siblings. She sighs, and is just turning to go to bed, when she hears a squeaky yell. Silhouetted against the brilliant pink sky are Nuttooth, Petalwing and Nettlebill, and one figure she had been sure she would never see again. “MOM!” she yells, tears streaming down her cheeks as she flings herself into the comforting wings of her mother. “PETALWING! NETTLEBILL!” They all hug her back, and they have a special dinner that night to celebrate. The squirrels are invited too, of course.


  1. This is sort of what it was like at Grandma's this morning when Choo Choo Train (who was forgotten) saw Cat in the Hat, his "mother."