Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Swan's Grace: Chapter 6: Meanwhile

While Lilacfeather is taking care of his family, the squirrel, (whose real name is Nuttooth) is running himself ragged searching for the cygnets. An hour ago, near the wall of Grandroar II, he lost the footprints and the scent. He will not give up, though. After he has searched for signs for 3 hours, he spots a small shelter and decides to ask permission to rest there. He knocks, and out steps a swan, by her looks about 3 years old, who reminds him maddeningly of someone, though he is not sure who. “Do come in. There’s room for all,” she says in a sweet voice. He obliges, then stops with a gasp. He now realizes why this swan reminds him of someone. That someone is Lilacfeather, and this must be her mother, seeing as there are 2 little cygnets behind her, and they look exactly as Lilacfeather had described them, too. He nearly faints, then, coming to his senses, he tells them his story, and the next day they set off for his home.

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