Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Pet Interviews: Mickey the Rat

Hi, I'm Mickey. I'm a rat. My brother Mechisedec and I have lived with the Food Lady for around 9 months, now. My bro's a little tanner than I, and a bit plumper, too. (Ouch! Sorry, Melk, I didn't mean it!) Sometimes a tall man with glasses comes and takes the floor off our cage, and Melchisedec and I are forced into pink and blue boxes with handles while he cleans it. Mmmm,when is lunchtime? I'll just climb up the wall to get the Food Lady's attention-she always seems to think it's odd that Melk and I need so much food. I like to gnaw on the fun red stick she pokes in for me. Ahh, here she comes with the Pirate Booty...(crunch, crunch.)


  1. Mickey, I am delighted to find that, despite the difference in our species, our thoughts are rather similar. I, too, have been thinking "when is lunchtime?" And my immediate response to this interview was, "Yummm... Pirate Booty..."

  2. This is going to be fun. Will you be interviewing Mickey's brother next?