Monday, February 27, 2012

A Swan's Grace: Chapter 4: Searching

Lilacfeather spends the next week searching for her siblings. Whenever she feels like giving in, she thinks of them, lost, and shivering, and she finds strength to go on. She no longer sits and writes poems by the lake, nor really gets any sleep at all. She finds no sign of Nettlebill or Petalwing until the 4th week of searching restlessly. She spots 2 sets of tracks and a few drops of raspberry juice heading towards the spot where they had seen the rose. “Well, at least they’ve eaten,” she thinks. She decides to take a rest. She sits by a tree, and watches a squirrel following the scent of a nearby nut. Tracking its scent. She stops, considering the idea that has just come to her. If a squirrel can smell a nut…but he might be too busy. Besides, she’s never met a squirrel before. What if she offends him? Still, he’s her only hope…she walks over to ask the squirrel if he will help with her plan.

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