Friday, February 10, 2012

A Peacock's Fan: Chapter 6: At Sea

“I’m captain!” Gemfeather shouts as the large fish departs for the island d the other families had gone to. She sits on its back, waving to her family. She had volunteered to go with the large fish, and chauffeur the other families aboard when they got there. They set off, and Gemfeather smells the salty sea air, and grazes the tops of the waves with her fan. She loves to wake up each morning and feel the gentle motion of the fish beneath her. She loves the smell of the sea, but her feathers are beginning to turn a dark shade of blue. She does not mind, however. Finally, after several days, they spot the island where everyone has gone to. When they all hear the good news, there is a rush to make the trip back home. They make several journeys, and after 7 everyone is enjoying the paradise. They all live very happily, until…………(read A Swan's Grace to find out)

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