Monday, February 6, 2012

The Stolen Sapphire

Rosa was climbing the Rocky Mountains with her pet Labrador retriever, Butterscotch. An evil wizard had stolen her enchantress mother’s magical sapphire, and she was on a quest to bring it back. She had traveled for weeks, because without the sapphire, her mother’s magic was failing. She knew that the evil wizard’s fortress was at the top of the Rockies, and heavily guarded, but if she reached it at night, she thought, she had a chance. Finally Butterscotch barked. He had sighted the wizard’s fortress ahead and was slowing down. They waited until midnight to approach, protected by the shadows.

Rosa crept slowly towards the gate. She slipped past the snoring guards, but Butterscotch barely got in, and almost awoke 2 of them. When they were halfway through the main hall, 4 guards sprang at them with crossbows shouting “Halt!”. Rosa set Butterscotch on them, but the other guards had been awakened by the noise. She slipped out of the hall, hoping that Butterscotch could handle the guards. She went from door to door, checking each room for the sapphire or wizard. Finally, she found the sapphire. Unfortunately, the wizard was with it. She froze, then made a wild dash for the sapphire. She got it and ran away, unfortunately with the wizard on her heels. She found Butterscotch, but they were trapped. Then, she remembered a spell her mother had once used. Making sure Butterscotch was touching her, she clutched the sapphire to her and said, “Villa reditus.”

In an instant they were back in her little English cottage, and her mother was rushing from her bed to embrace her. “Rosa,” she whispered. “You’ve returned!”

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  1. WOW! That was amazing! And what a fantastic spell! Whew. Very, very exciting. :)