Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Peacock's Fan: Chapter 2: Gemfeather's Life

Gemfeather’s sisters’ names are: Primcrest, Prettystrut, (Gemfeather, of course), Beautywing, and Sapphiresmile. They live in a glen in the woods near a lake, and the land is very pretty. Gemfeather’s sisters like to look at their reflections in the lake. Gemfeather like to splash water. At night, Gemfeather snuggles up with her family under a large spreading oak, and they sleep until morning. Each morning after breakfast, Gemfeather goes to school across the lake with her sisters, and sits, pretending to pay attention, and wishing they had recess. She never gets very good grades, but that is because she is not very interested in “all that prissy princess stuff” as she calls it. She loves her mother and father very much, and her sisters too. The only thing she wants is to be more unique. Then, her life would be perfect. That is all she could wish for. Except, maybe a little adventure.

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