Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Peacock's Fan: Chapter 3: Drought!

In the next few weeks, something is happening to the island. The climate is growing hotter, and the rain is coming less and less frequently. The grass is growing withered, and the lake seems to be drying up. The drought is spreading fast, and many families are thinking about leaving the island and moving to a far-away place that was heard about in earlier days because of a seal named Sleekwhisker. Gemfeather is not liking the weather very much, because she cannot play in the grass if there is no grass to play in, and her sisters are worried that if they don’t get more food soon, their fans will droop. Everyone is worried about the stream, and already many families are leaving for other lands. Gemfeather begs her parents not to move. “I want to help!” she cries. Her mother and father do not change their minds. It looks like Gemfeather may have to say good-bye to her beautiful island.

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  1. Oh, sad.
    P.S. Julia, would you like to write a guest blog for my End of the Thread site about your cousins? Maybe you could do it while you are in town or after you go back home after your visit. Love, Aunt Rita