Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Swan's Grace: Chapter 2: Responsibility

Every morning, when Lilacfeather wakes up, she takes the younger 2 out for a morning swim in the pond and catches them some breakfast. Since they cannot go to school without a parent giving them permission, she also takes the responsibility of teaching them which plants and fish are good to eat, which areas are the best to find them in, and how to tell a fresh berry from an old one. She also makes sure that they make no attempt to climb over the wall which King Grandroar II erected 4 years ago. She is very busy, but she somehow manages to find time to sit by her favorite rosebush by the lake and write poems in her head. Lilacfeather loves Nettlebill and Petalwing a lot, and every night she nestles them under her wings and sings them to sleep.