Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Swan's Grace: Chapter 5: Waiting

Lilacfeather and the squirrel agree. The squirrel will follow the scent of the cygnets’ footprints and try to find them, if Lilacfeather will stay back at his house and take care of his family. Lilacfeather is reluctant, but she must see Petalwing and Nettlebill again. She finds that is not hard to take care of a squirrel family. Every morning, she gathers nuts, and in the evenings she curls her wing around the fuzzy little bodies and keeps them warm. She is ever watching, watching, for some sign that the squirrel is returning with her family, but she is disappointed. Still, there is hope, and she with never stop hoping. At night, she sometimes tells the little squirrels stories to ease them to sleep.

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