Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Swan's Grace: Chapter 1: Lilacfeather

Lilacfeather is a young, gorgeous swan. She is very artistic and can find beauty in the ugliest toadstool. Her favorite colors are lilac, peach, and rose, and she likes to sit by the stream and compose poems and paint pictures about it. Looking at her, you would not think that she had a care in the world, but it is not so. When her youngest sibling had just been born, both of her parents went missing, and she has taken care of her younger brother and sister ever since. Her brother and sister’s names are Nettlebill and Petalwing (4 months). She herself is 1 year old and takes good care of everyone. Petalwing and Nettlebill are very nice little swans, and not much trouble, so Lilacfeather has never had to do anything desperate. Still, she wishes her mother and father would come back some day. Every night, to lull herself to sleep, Lilacfeather thinks of the memories she has of her mother and father. These thoughts always cause very happy dreams.

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  1. Aw, I hope Lilacfeather's parents come back one day. You have such a knack for names, Julia!