Friday, October 21, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 26

Epipi 10
Dear Diary,
Today I helped out with the animals in the garden. I got the food from the kitchen to feed to the cattle, and I tried to put some fresh straw in their pens (though in the end it was to much work for me, and Oshairana ended up doing it instead.) I then watched as the cattle were herded back into their pens, and slowly began to eat. I mean to teach them some table manners. They were so sloppy! When Mut called me in for lunch, I quickly ate my lentils and pomegranate and ran back outside. Unfortunatly, Awi chose that moment to hurl his lentil as hard as he could at the back of my head, and when Mut asked him to say sorry and pick up the lentil, he said that the lentil had thrown itself at me, not him, and an argument followed that caused me to miss the cattles' lunch. Darn it, Awi!



  1. What does your mother do to stop children from throwing food? I could use some tips...

  2. It doesn't usually happen, but when it does,she takes whichever toy of the criminal is nearest for a nap with her.

  3. Aha. That's a good plan. Thank you for the tip!