Thursday, October 6, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 16

Payni 30
Dear Diary,
We went to the market today. The first stop was a little shop somewhere in the middle of the rows and rows of stores, that sold fruits and vegetables. Mut told us we could each pick one of whatever we wanted, so long as we could pay for it. I chose the biggest, juiciest pomegranate I could, Buikhu took a couple grapes, and Emuishere and Awi both chose dates. When Mut had finished buying a large order of carrots and beans, Ab took us all down to buy more papyrus for him to take to work. However, this was a slightly more expensive shop, so I was not able to purchase anything here. I munched on my pomegranate as Buikhu steered the family towards a shop full of the pet shop where he had gotten Nomti, not to buy something, but to let Nomti catch up with his falcon friends who had not yet been sold. However, Ab took a liking to a male baboon, and purchased it for a family pet. He decided to name him Akil. It took some persuasion to tempt Nomti down from the rafter where he had flown, chatting with a brownish falcon about his size. We only managed it by Buikhu announcing loudly that he would be leaving now and half walking out the door that we got him down again. Next, Emuishere got to choose the shop, and unsurprisingly, went for a shop where there were sparkling jewels in the windows, but when she couldn't have one, she settled for a headband. Awi took a ball from a toy shop, and I took a new dress from a clothes shop. It was so much fun!


Akil: Smart


  1. Too Many Pets
    by Harere

    Oh, my family has too many pets-oh
    Every day another one we get-oh
    I don't think we could bear
    To give more pets our care
    That would really get to our heads-oh