Friday, October 14, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 21

Epipi 5
Dear Diary,
Today Buikhu and I tried to introduct Nomti and Femi to eachother. For all the good it did we might as well have just let the matter be. The second we let go of them they ran/flew at eachother! A fight began. Actually, two fights at once: Femi vs. Nomti, and peace wanting owners vs. war wanting pets. The tussle finally ended with a flying ball of feathers and fur zooming around the room half-airborne. The ''points'' went like this: Buikhu: 2 scored by: running wildly around/ Harere: 2 scored by: screaming loudly/ Femi: 70 scored by: clawing everything with feathers on it/Nomti: 73 scored by: screeching, scratching, and overall wreaking havoc / Mut: 1,000 scored by: threatening to throw out Nomti and Femi's dinners if they didn't stop right now. I hope that NEVER happens again!



  1. Wowee! Sounds like fun! Will there be a picture?

  2. I hope so. I uhhhhhh- I've run out of drawing tools! Yeah, that's it!

    (Truth be told, Mommy's camera isn't working right, but I do hope there'll be a picture.