Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 18

Epipi 2
Dear Diary,
Today I made my own show. It was about the creation story. I got some help from friends, and tied wood to the bottoms of some of my smaller toys, like Ati, to make them look taller. I only hope I'll be able to get it off again before I go to sleep tonight. Everyone was seated in front of the 'stage', a bunch of wooden boxes on which the actors stood. Buikhu was Atum, Ati was Tefnut, and Awi was Shu. The only problem was that Awi kept yelling very un-Shu like things like '' Muh, you shawr yowr pomyganate!'' Okay, so maybe Awi didn't make the best Shu, but everything else went just fine. I hope to do it again sometime.


Atum: The first of the Egyptian gods
Tefnut: The Egyptian goddess of mist and moisture
Shu: The Egyptian god of the air