Friday, October 7, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 17

Epipi 1
Dear Diary,
Today we went to the theater across town. We went to see a play about the story of how Set tricked Osiris into getting into the coffin and everything. It was my first time at the theater, and it was great! The actors were wonderful! Some of the masks were a little weird, though. It was awesome how they had them fly on those strings! I never knew a thread could be so strong. I think I might pretend to make my own show with Ati and my other toys. I could invite Buikhu, Emuishere, Awi, Mut, and Ab to watch it. I hope we go to the theater again sometime soon! It was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun!


Set: the Egyptian god of chaos
Osiris: the Egyptian god of the dead


  1. Harere, were all the actors men or do they have men and women actors? Is it expensive to go to a performance or can most people afford to go?

  2. Was the theater outside like the ones in Rome and Greece? What fun that you got to go! It sounds like an amazing experience.

  3. The performance was at the temple, and the actors were the priests and priestesses.

  4. The Theater
    by Harere

    Oh,I love to go to the theater
    Sometimes I wish I were an actor
    Just to see those great plays
    I'd spend most of my days
    At the theater-zap! I'd be at her!