Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 23

Epipi 7
Dear Diary,
Today I went out with Banafrit to the market to see if we could find something to get for Nanu, like a blanket or a toy or something like that. We stopped first at the store where they sold handmade quilts and blankets, and sometimes scarves. I purchased a wool blanket with pictures of flowers and fruits, and Banafrit chose to save her coins until she saw something that was very much needed. We next traveled to the toy shop, where I searched and searched for something to please Nanu. Then I remembered Nanu's love for that dusty old rattle at Merit's house, and bought her a more brightly colored nicer new one, and we proceeded on to the next shop. Then we went to the store that sold fruits and vegetables. I longed to buy Nanu a nice juicy pomegranate, but since I'd left the rest of my money at home, I couldn't. However, Banafrit had not spent any of her money yet so she bought the pomegranate and we took it all to Merit's Mut, who thanked us before we left for lunch.