Monday, October 24, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 27

Epipi 11
Dear Diary,
Today we went to a party at Merit's house. It was being held for the new baby. I only found out about the party minutes before we went to it, so all I had time to do was borrow some parchment from Ab, quickly write a congratulations card, and get dressed extremely quickly, before we ran out the door faster than I'd ever gone before. I gave them the card and sat down in the living room to catch my breath. The house was decorated lavishly, and the food looked wonderful! There was music playing and there were dancing girls in the far corner. I sank my teeth into a honeycake and was in instant heaven. I decided then and there that I would absolutely have to get the recipe. While I was doing that, Awi had walked over to Nanu. ''Happy Bawfday!'' Ugh! Awi, why can't you keep quiet? I restrained a giggle. When the party ended,(which I very much wished hadn't happened) I told Merit's mother to give my compliments to the chef and left with the rest of the family. I really hope we go to another party soon.



  1. YUM! Can you send me the honeycake recipe too?

  2. Sure---------------as soon as I've used it as many times as possible. Or actually, I'll just copy it over for you.