Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Story

Every Halloween, when the clocks chime at midnight, all the spooks come out to the nearest graveyard for a special celebration. The ghosts spend the year making decorations, and the rats search their food stores, for this is by far the best night of the year for a spook. The werewolves howl in the moonlight, and the spirits sway to the sound. The wind moans as the mummies and vampires slowly creep to the table of rotting fish and month-old lemons. The jack'o lanterns glow as the the headless horseman rides past, his shadow vivid in the moonlight. The people for miles around are asleep, not smelling the food, nor hearing the howls, not feeling the chills, and not seeing the fearsome glow that surrounds the graveyard tonight.


  1. Ooooh. Spooky!

    Wonderful description! I feel as though I can really picture what this amazing Halloween night is like... and I am glad to be far away from it! :)

  2. This is terrific! I'm not surprised to see the rats get a mention. :)

  3. I got the chills just writing it.