Monday, October 3, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 13

Payni 27
Dear Diary,
Nebibit came over today. We played with our dolls, Ati and Khait, tried to get Femi to jump over my bed and into the trout bowl, and ended up having to swat Femi off of my head. We then played 7 games of senet until we got bored, and ran outside. Buikhu was already outside, so we played tag with him. He was it first to be it, so we ran giggling around the yard while he struggled to keep up. We then proceeded inside for lunch. After we finished lunch, we went to the living room and helped Mut get rid of the flies with the fly-whisks for the rest of the afternoon. It was so much fun!



Khait: Crowned
Fly-whisk: the ancient Egyptian form of a fly-swatter


  1. Fly-whisks? Could you please post a drawing of a fly-whisk? Also, is it always warm there? What is the climate like, Harere?

  2. Weather In Alexandria
    by Harere

    Oh, the weather in Alexandria
    so bright that you really can't see-a
    so incredibly warm
    when the bees start to swarm
    it's like summer around here all year-a

  3. Ha! What a great poem about the weather! I, too, would be interested in seeing a picture of a fly-whisk. And what exactly is senet? How is it played?

  4. Senet is played with a grid of 30 sqares in rows of ten. There are 2 sets of at least 5 pawns.

  5. Senet
    by Harere

    Oh, senet is a wonderful game-y
    No other game is quite the same-y
    Played with 2 sets of pawns
    You will never have yawns
    And you'll be so glad that you came-y.

  6. How do I love the game senet?
    I think it's from another planet.
    I lose and I lose
    Whether 'wake or a snooze,
    I just wish that one day I could win it.