Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harere's Diary, Part 20

Epipi 4
Dear Diary,
Today we went fishing. Nomti, as usual, brought back the best results, but Femi wasn't half bad, either. Akil, the new monkey, kept screeching and pointing the opposite way we wanted to go. We threw out our lines and came out pretty well with a total of 15 trout, 13 salmon, and 20 sardines. The only bad thing that happened the whole time was when Awi screamed " Muh, a whawl got by hook!" He nearly toppled the boat! When Mut and Ab came over to investigate, Awi was shrieking "Muh, whawl gonna eat me! Whawl gonna eat me!", but the thing on his hook was only a salmon. We docked the boat and went home after that. It was hysterical!



  1. I really want to come fishing with you some day! It sounds like such fun.

  2. Yeah,it's always so peaceful and quiet. Did you catch the sarcasm?